How do I pay for classes? 

Yoga passes can be purchased through this website using your credit card.

Alternatively, you are also welcome to pay with cash on the day for a casual pass.

What discounts do you offer for multiple siblings?

For children attending the Childrens or Pre-Teens Yoga Classes, prices are as follows:

  • First sibling - $9
  • Second sibling - $8
  • Third sibling or more - $7

For teenagers attending the Teens Yoga Classes, the prices are as follows:

  • First sibling - $12
  • Second sibling - $11
  • Third sibling or more - $10

For example, if you have children spread across all three classes, then you will pay the standard rate for the Teen class of $12, then the discounted rate applies to each additional child for the other classes ($8 for the second child and $7 for the third child or more).

Can my children be in the same yoga class?

Of course! Brothers and sisters are welcome to be in the same class. Please let me know if you have siblings who fall outside the age brackets as we can always trial them in the same class, even if they are a bit older or younger then the age guidelines. You may find resistance from older children, however, to be included in the younger children's class. But we can work with requests, no problem!

What shall my child bring to class? 

All children will be required to bring a mat and a water bottle to class. If you don't have a mat, I have a few spare ones that I am happy to lend but this will have to be on a first in, first served basis, I'm afraid! If your child is trying yoga for the first time, a towel is a sufficient substitute until you decide to purchase a mat. Mats give children their defined space in Yoga and makes the experience all the more authentic and exciting for them (even my 18 month-old daughter motions for me to unroll my mat when she sees it to do tree pose!) Mats are quite cheap these days and can be found in any Kmart, Big W or Target store for around $7-10. Children will also be asked to remove shoes and socks before entering the Yoga space.