Giggle and Flow offers kids classes in schools (Primary and Secondary) and daycare centres. These classes are designed with the children in mind and are fun, playful and educational at the same time. By practicing yoga at a young age, children:

  • improve endurance, strength, posture and flexibility and grow with balance of joint stability and mobility
  • improve balance and alignment
  • increase overall cardio-vascular fitness, and body and spacial awareness
  • reduce risk of injury in sports and games
  • improve circulation, digestive and mental functioning through Pranayama (Breathing)
  • build an awareness of their own body, and those around them and their wider environment which encourages empathy, tolerance and understanding
  • calm their busy minds, improve concentration and attention spans
  • reduce anxiety and stress through visualisation, meditation and relaxation

To bring the gift of yoga to your students, contact us now for a program catered to your needs.